How do you see your system in five years from now ?

What is your strategy, what are you going to change, to upgrade etc. ?
I would like to improve my analog source. Hopefully will get tube phono stage, something like Allnic 1202, perhaps motor controller for my Nottingham Spacedeck, new cartridge. Upgrading speakers would be nice but then I would want to upgrade the electronics too right away, so probably no.
My system is also a year old, so I haven’t tired of it.  I will likely continue to make small, incremental changes, like cabling, but likely nothing very big.  

My room/house is a limiting factor, as I am not moving and there are only two rooms large enough to put the system in.  One room is off the front door, and I don’t like the idea that anyone coming to the door can see what I have — don’t want to encourage theft.  So I have just the room I use now, 14’x19’, with a large fireplace along one long wall.  The short wall I am using is a bit cramped, especially as there are two doors in one corner and an open entrance at the other corner, and I need to maintain traffic access.  I can’t have my floor-standing speakers out into the room as I would like.  The other long wall is opposite the fireplace, so I guess I would need to choose to seat facing the fireplace or the stereo, not ideal.  The other short wall has a large window and would not accommodate my large TV.  So, compromises.  One advantage I have is no other person to have to please other than myself.

The guy I bought my amp from was in his 70’s and down-sizing, which seems to be a common move — smaller, lighter but high quality.  One thing I have considered is getting a tube preamp in place of or as an option to the Parasound P5.  I’m really not one to want to box up and ship a lot of packages, so instead of trialing, I would rely upon reviews and perhaps go to a locale hifi store to listen (of course, nothing about that would match the equipment and room it would be used with in my home).  This buying and selling and trialing, with all the packing and shipping seems like a hassle to me.
One nice thing about having my vintage tastes and components is that one is usually not attracted (distracted?) by 'the latest and greatest'. That said I have $pent the past couple of years on upgrading this and that, dipping my toe into streaming etc. But five years out? Hmmm...
What I see is finally getting my dad's (RIP) system from my mother. Yes, it's all 20+ years old but Jadis, VPI and B&W Matrix isn't anything to scoff at IMHO. What is more, my lovely wife has happily committed to me that our next home will have a dedicated audio room... Geez I love that girl.
So I see myself having two full systems in the same room, both my Acoustat/ARC system and pop's Jadis/B&W system. Oh and a very, very quiet ventilation system so it'll be cigar friendly too.
Happy listening.
ebm, how can you live without it ? That's tough, double tough.