How do you see your system in five years from now ?

What is your strategy, what are you going to change, to upgrade etc. ?
I would like to improve my analog source. Hopefully will get tube phono stage, something like Allnic 1202, perhaps motor controller for my Nottingham Spacedeck, new cartridge. Upgrading speakers would be nice but then I would want to upgrade the electronics too right away, so probably no.
Five years is too far. If you had asked me two years ago I never would've said Townshend Pods, Nobound springs, fO.q tape, or Schumann generators. Hadn't even heard of any of those yet they have made massive improvement. Heck I wasn't even aware of Tekton, and that was only 2 years ago! 

Five years, Raven Reflection MkIII, room diffusers and decor for sure, paint, carpet, more Townshend. Definitely more Townshend. Beyond that we are dreaming. Eric could have new SOTA speakers by then, or build me some Ulfs with all Be tweeters and hot-rod upgrades. Onkk Cue turntable, with maybe Decware phono stage. Or maybe Soundsmith strain gauge? Re-wire my Conqueror, or long as we're dreaming maybe new Origin Live arm.

New listening chair. That's for real. You do realize this is 5 years we're talking about here? Okay. New door seals, tweak Schumann generators, half a dozen new things not even invented or discovered yet.....
I am getting long in tooth and am very happy with my main system, as a matter of fact the only changes I have made in the previous 5 years have been to replace pieces I was having issues with but I do plan to change out the capacitors in my Quicksilver amps as an upgrade and contact Wilson Audio on having my Sophias gone over, other than that status quo looks very good. Enjoy the music
Last year I upgraded a couple of power cords, purchased some very good sounding DYI RCA and digital cables from an Audiogon member, added cables risers for my speaker cables, purchased a SimAudio 260DT CD transport, a Mojo Audio EVO DAC, a Channel Islands power supply for my Wadia 171i IPOD transport , a Shunyata Venom Defender, 2 sets of Daedalus Audio DID isolation devices for speakers , and a quad of Psvane T2 845 tubes. I had purchased another 6SN7 preamp but sent it back after it arrived twice with problems (I will not name the company as I believe this was a one off situation).

So far this year I have another Shunyata Venom Defender and Kontak on order. Presently, I am seriously contemplating trying either a Puritan Audio Labs 156 or 136 power conditioner, and maybe either better quality Daedalus Audio spikes to go with the speaker DIDs, or IsoAcoustic GAIA 2s  this year as well. Beyond those I am considering making a purchase of a  300B integrated amp, and Viking Acoustic Berlin 3 horn speakers. I am not sure about the timing (2021 or beyond) on the amp and speakers , and they are not necessarily contingent upon one another.

It hits the mark now so next step is make it smaller, cheaper, better. If I can. I am optimistic. Have learned a lot and been experimenting.....
Overall I see my system as focusing on better room acoustics and simpler electronics.

As a system that does 50/50 music/movies I'm very satisfied with the speakers.  Right now it's pretty complex though, if I think of all the devices:

  • Roku
  • Music streamer
  • DAC
  • HT Processor
  • Bluray player
  • Integrated
  • TV
  • 3 x Class D monoblocks
The pressure to simplify to a single HT receiver is real.  I'd then have:

  • HT Receiver (replaces 3 x monoblocks, integrated, DAC, streamer)
  • Roku
  • BluRay
  • TV
I will be in a different, better room. What follows from there is not clear, but it will likely involve different room treatments and possibly different speakers. It will almost certainly involve a swarm.
As an aging Boomer, I’ll expand it out to 10 years as a more probable projection.
It will be a flatline for 3-5 years and then on a probable downsizing pathway with culling of the herd at either end of the spectrum below.

I have multiple 2-channel systems in different rooms ranging from $1,500 (exercise room), $4,000 (home office), $7,000 (family room), and $40,000 (man cave).

I spend 90% of my listening time in the middle two rooms with a 40 - 60 split.

Our current arguably now a way-too-big house on a quarter acre lot for just the two of us, is now becoming increasingly problematic vis-a- vis upkeep and maintenance.  As we navelgaze the spectre of the eventual home downsizing, my audio systems cull will have to follow in lockstep.
Simplifying would be good. But cost of it..
I would get Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated with DAC but would still want tube phono. If I can't get that high I will keep my Burson separates, I like Burson enough.
Room acoustics..I expect to move and probably not just once so..
My PrimaLuna Integrated system is fairly modest compared to what a lot of the Audiogoners have, and the sound never fails to put a smile on my face, but recent reviews of the Gold Note and Grandinote integrated amps have gotten my fingers itchy.  The Grandinote, in particular.  Class A.  More than enough watts for my purposes.  Do I risk a hernia/back sprain/crushed fingers by getting one sent to me for trial?
Hi, Inna. How are you?
I’ve been enjoying what I have, though my Avantgarde Duos are getting long in the tooth. I’d like to hear a set of Everests-- I gather they can be purchased from authorized dealers at a considerable discount. I’d like to continue to use my Lamm ML2 for mid-high frequencies which would force me to bi-amp b/c the Lamm simply doesn’t have the power to drive those things.
I’m starting to get older- to the point where I spend far less time on the gear and far more time and money on records.
I’ve already retired and downsized my lifestyle and couldn’t be happier (other than the lockdown/plague which is no small issue).
I suppose at some point, I’m going to be thinking about downsizing the main system as well-- I was never in love with digital but it’s gotten much better. I have a considerable collection of records that really could not be replaced by CD or streaming; I suppose, in theory, I could "rip" them to files and devote time to that, but I really don’t have time. I’d have to hire someone to do that for me. It’s a big gray dark spot on my X-Ray of the future that, to some degree, I dread. I suppose I could hang on for another 20 plus years and simply not worry about it.
Lately, all I have been doing is routine maintenance, replacing tubes, etc. I really do enjoy the system when I get the opportunity to use it but that’s another thing where age seems to be taking a toll---I’m hardly incapacitated, but going through the process of warm-up and finding time to enjoy a 3-4 hour uninterrupted listening session is not as easy as it should be; it seems like there is always something on my calendar even in these days of cave dwelling. Perhaps I’ll look back on this period and say "Idiot- you should have taken advantage of that time!"
In short, I’m over the hill, tired, and only occasionally get excited about this stuff. Perhaps I’m going through one of my moods-- that has happened before- where I simply lose interest for a while, only to come charging back.
Hi Bill, good to hear from you.
I am alright, considering this plague, as you said.
Maybe you could entertain the idea of getting Studer and playing some master tape dubs, and making a few recordings off your valuable records. This could be interesting. I would do exactly that if I could afford it.
I also find myself listening to headphones more than before, especially late at night. Records, tapes on my Nakamichi deck, computer - everything. And I keep looking for new music on youtube, and concerts of my favourite musicians that were never released. Youtube sound quality of them is of do I put it without swearing ? Well, it's better than nothing, much better.
Yeah, generally speaking, I don't crave new equipment at all. Except maybe Studer deck.
Last year accidentally found test pressing of Mahavishnu Orchestra record. The recording quality is no good but still it sounds so much better than everything else, including US promo and Japanese promo.
Look forward to post-pandemic time, I am getting tired of all this, this is so unnatural.

Who could have anticipated what 2020 would be like, and whether it was pandemic cause-and-effect, or also just timing, but I spent big bucks(for me..) upgrading essentially all of my system, much of which was quite old.......its sounds wonderful, and my room and marriage are now the limiting factors, neither of which i am inclined to change....of course, the future is hard to predict, but.....
Threshold 4000 to Pass labs X250.8
Classe DR-6 to LTA MicroZotl PreAmp
Herron Phono preamp
Oracle Delphi IV to Oracle Delphi VI Gen 2
New Allnic Amber and Ortofon A95
Added NAD C658 for streaming
Tice Powerblock to Shunyata Delphi
New Furutech power outlets
Various power and interconnect cables

I would like to go mono blocks even if it is not really necessary. Being retired I have too much time on my hands and not debt so you know what they say, "you can't take it with you"..!
I'm glad I have kept my stereo fever in check far!  I have a Yamaha N803 receiver and Vandersteen speakers. I stream Spotify premium. All work well but the better equipment keeps tempting me. I remember paying $900 for my first VCR.  I may be wrong but I keep thinking stereo equipment may follow a similar path... smaller, cheaper, less complex?  I guess time will tell.  
I’ve accumulated a very nice assortment of equipment, the next 3-5 years will be spent building out and tweaking a space for all of it to live in. 
My system is a year old so there’s that. I probably will move to a tube R2r DAC but could see other improvements in technology. Could change how I stream and where I stream from. Not sure what the best sound from streamer to DAC could buy something there.
Bought a Pass just for the reason I don’t have to fix or change amps. I’m good.
My system is also a year old, so I haven’t tired of it.  I will likely continue to make small, incremental changes, like cabling, but likely nothing very big.  

My room/house is a limiting factor, as I am not moving and there are only two rooms large enough to put the system in.  One room is off the front door, and I don’t like the idea that anyone coming to the door can see what I have — don’t want to encourage theft.  So I have just the room I use now, 14’x19’, with a large fireplace along one long wall.  The short wall I am using is a bit cramped, especially as there are two doors in one corner and an open entrance at the other corner, and I need to maintain traffic access.  I can’t have my floor-standing speakers out into the room as I would like.  The other long wall is opposite the fireplace, so I guess I would need to choose to seat facing the fireplace or the stereo, not ideal.  The other short wall has a large window and would not accommodate my large TV.  So, compromises.  One advantage I have is no other person to have to please other than myself.

The guy I bought my amp from was in his 70’s and down-sizing, which seems to be a common move — smaller, lighter but high quality.  One thing I have considered is getting a tube preamp in place of or as an option to the Parasound P5.  I’m really not one to want to box up and ship a lot of packages, so instead of trialing, I would rely upon reviews and perhaps go to a locale hifi store to listen (of course, nothing about that would match the equipment and room it would be used with in my home).  This buying and selling and trialing, with all the packing and shipping seems like a hassle to me.
One nice thing about having my vintage tastes and components is that one is usually not attracted (distracted?) by 'the latest and greatest'. That said I have $pent the past couple of years on upgrading this and that, dipping my toe into streaming etc. But five years out? Hmmm...
What I see is finally getting my dad's (RIP) system from my mother. Yes, it's all 20+ years old but Jadis, VPI and B&W Matrix isn't anything to scoff at IMHO. What is more, my lovely wife has happily committed to me that our next home will have a dedicated audio room... Geez I love that girl.
So I see myself having two full systems in the same room, both my Acoustat/ARC system and pop's Jadis/B&W system. Oh and a very, very quiet ventilation system so it'll be cigar friendly too.
Happy listening.