How do you repair Golden Tube SEP 3 display?

My SEP 3 display is not functional anymore. Does anyone know how I may obtain a programmed PIC16C65A-04/P for my Golden Tube SEP 3? Thanks in advance.

Soniccraft is the company that services the Golden Tube SE 40 power amps and also their other products. I would start with them.
Ckoffend - thanks for the rope. I will indeed contact them. There appears to many instances of Sonicraft on the web. Could you please provide more information?

well i guess i am not reading closely enough. i see it is with 2 c's.

thanks Ckoffend
Let me know if you can't find their info, I think I have their e-mail address somewhere. But based on the second post, it looks like you found it.
Soniccraft does not provide support for the IC.
Does anyone have current contact information for Chris or Joseph Lau? They used to be the go-to guys at Golden Tube.