How do you "unfreeze" an ipod?

My son got an 80gig version ipod last Friday. While he was playing a game that he downloaded from the i-tunes store, it froze.

What can he do?

plug it in to the charger or pc. I whink you can also rest by holding down the menu and play button

There's a page of instructions on the Apple support site
Turn on the hold button and press play and menu at the same time for 5 seconds. That will set you free....never's in the instructions...

PS, it that doesn't do it shut off the hold button. I'm at a loss as to which. One of them will work.
And if none of these suggestions work, take it to the local Mac store and let them fix it. They took my daughters ipod into the back room and came back 10 minutes later with a working unit.
Thanks to all!

It's working again.

My computer has crashed and I was trying to transfer my Nano tunes to my new laptop. Well I erased all 225 purchased tunes from my Nano. Is there a way I redeem them from Apple? They must have a record. someone? I want to cry....
Nuke for 30 seconds on "thaw", rotate 1/4 turn and repeat ;~) Sorry, sometimes I can't control myself. Actually these hints are helpful as their tendency to freeze up is totally annoying and, IMO, incredibly disappointing in a standard-setting product.
Swampwalker, sorry you've had bad experiences with yours but I've had four iPods and have never had any of them freeze up even once. They've been far more reliable than any of the PC's I've owned.
hey Warren dry your weary eyes my friend, I sent this to you but here it is if anyone wants to know.....
I tried all the little hints and things listed above....but I can't get it to unfreeze...I just got it today so it's not old...and when it says I've downloaded stuff on my library it doesnt show up on my nano...i dont know whats up...can someone help me?
Let the power run down and start over.

It worked for me.