How do you "polish" a dustcover?

What is the best product to use? A polishing wax? A car wax? Is there anything good for masking those annoying imperfections?
I use wet or dry very fine sandpaper and depending on how deeply it is scratched, I start with 400 grit and keep going all the way to 1500 grit and use water. Then I use swirl mark remover for automobile paint and a buffer or polishing pads. It is a lot of work but works very well.
Novus #1 plastic polish and cleaner, found at Harley Davidson stores.
Second the Novus aslo found at some glass shops
Automotive finish product Meguiar's "Scratch X" is wonderful also.
And "Viva" brand paper towels do not scratch either!
I use the Viva with the Meguiars' Scratch X on all my CD problems, Dustcovers..etc.
I use Bluemagic Plastic & Plexiglass Cleaner and Viva paper towels. I have also used Meguiars waxes with good results.

OBTW, the Bluemagic is excellent to get rid of most scatches on cd Jewel cases.

There is a spray called Plexus you can get through Music Direct that is the best I've ever seen. It will remove small scratches and make your dustcover shine.
I don't want anything abrasive.
If it's not abrasive, it will not remove scratches.