How do you "polish" a dustcover?

What is the best product to use? A polishing wax? A car wax? Is there anything good for masking those annoying imperfections?
I use wet or dry very fine sandpaper and depending on how deeply it is scratched, I start with 400 grit and keep going all the way to 1500 grit and use water. Then I use swirl mark remover for automobile paint and a buffer or polishing pads. It is a lot of work but works very well.
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I use Bluemagic Plastic & Plexiglass Cleaner and Viva paper towels. I have also used Meguiars waxes with good results.

OBTW, the Bluemagic is excellent to get rid of most scatches on cd Jewel cases.

There is a spray called Plexus you can get through Music Direct that is the best I've ever seen. It will remove small scratches and make your dustcover shine.