How do you pack a high end CD Player for shipping?

I'm shipping a Sony SCD-1 to my father-in-law and want to protect the laser, moving parts in the CD transport section.  What can I do?  
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Packing a high end Sony CDP, hmm
sounds like what I did back in December, but mine was
a 72lb power amplifier from Northern KY to Holland, MI
for a tune up and new Caps.
I personally found that Fed Ex did a fantastic job of packing
and shipping the unit.
I also own a top of line classic Sony CDP707esd player.
I agree completely with elizabeth's guidance, though my preference for the foam used is high-density resilient foam, or even heavy-duty bubble wrap packed in as tightly as possible. The 'styrofoam' type of rigid foam does indeed protect very well from an impact or drop but it does that by giving itself up, being crushed from absorbing the hit. That's fine if there's only one drop but it becomes less effective if there's a second event. I know I'm being paranoid but, I'm paranoid. I have no idea if my packing made the difference but I've shipped tube amps to Bangkok, Germany and Norway without any problems.
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Anybody know if there's a transport locking screw on this model? If so, it's critical to tighten it down before packing? Cheers,
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A few months ago, I spoke with Warren Gregoire who did my mods on my SCD-1 15 years ago. I was thinking of sending the SCD-1, with the original packaging, back to him for a look over since I had the unit in storage for close to 10 years. I told him that the foam inserts were flaking due to age. He told me that I should never use those foam insert again because the shock abortion capability is gone when they are flaking like they were. Just a FYI if you were not already aware.

On a side note, after my 10 year SCD-1 hiatus, I listen to 1 SACD each day with the SCD-1 and I remember why I loved this player.