How do you listen?

Forgive me for having the impression that proper audiophilism involves assuming a comfortable sited position at the triangular apex of two fixed points with a meditative smile as aural sweetness is mindfully digested. My problem is I am a modern multi tasking spastic and cannot sit still without reading, watching silent football games, yelling at my kid, etc.etc. Is there a trick to achieving the serene stillness that I think many of you were divinely gifted?
We have an accepted illness here.  Cat on Lap Disease.
The illness desires no cure, but one is loath to recover. ;)

A great excuse, now and zen...*s*
Ohh no listening is a personal thing. If you are happy with your listening routine keep it that way. What i like to do while listening in my swiveling Poag chair is relaxed roaming the internet regarding informatie what i listening at that moment. It enrich my listening experience.
I can not listen if I’m not focusing on the music. But it’s easier for me in my computer set-up. But I don’t listen to as much I would like too. heh. My brother’s set up is when most of the family gathers and my brother plays music and everyone sings along and at times start dancing. lol.

I really like listening in the car as well because you are driving and can just really listen to the music more focused, at least for me. You don’t have to sit there and stare into nothing or get too distracted by other things, you know. But my radio in the car is broken.

I guess i’m in sorta the same boat as you... lol