How do you like your VPI Prime?

Now that the VPI Prime has shipped I was wondering if anyone might have an opinion first hand to share? The product has had its share of positive hype in the audio press. It's too rich for my blood but I'm hoping to find an old Aries some new Prime owner puts out to pasture.
You are on to something with the 'get a used Aries' approach. Harry makes great products, always has. Are they good 'values'? Of course not, Harry is a marketing genius, constantly reinventing the wheel, increasing his bank balance. Nothing wrong with that. Is the Prime better then many of his earlier products? I doubt it. It is just a 'shinny new thing'. I have an Aries. Great sound. It was a great value being a used buy. I have 'heard' the Prime, and can't find it is 'better sound' to my ears. I am saving up for a Aston Martin, eat your heart out Harry.
So far, Excellent. Using the Ortofon 2m Black.
Merry Christmas to all!
I'm surprised at the lack of response to this thread. To hear Matt @ VPI tell it they couldn't make them fast enough. Other than Joe jrs. one word review no one has an opinion to share?
There are less than 70 Primes in the field, with the majority just being delivered before Xmas. A little too early IMHO.
Hi Dreadhead ..... No knowledge here about the VPI table, but I gotta tell ya' ... I love your system ! That Tandberg receiver is awesome, and I bet it really makes those Bostons sing sweet music. Bravo !
Got mine this morning with an Ortofon Blue Cadenza cartridge and the SDS power supply. Although not even close to being broken in, it blows away my tweaked GyroDec (Rega RB600 Arm, Denon 103R cateridge, Orb Platter/Clamp, upgraded power supply, weights, dampening and decoupling, etc.). Most noticeable are the bass tightness, richness and extension; sound stage depth, width and specificity; musicality and quietness.

I'll write again after putting a few hundred hours on the rig.