How do you know what's Class A?

Is there a website with suggested Class-A, Class-B, etc. equipment? Being new to the world of high-end audio where would I find such information?
Read the Spring and Fall issues of STEREOPHILE magazine - they have the ratings you are requesting for 700+ components.
Its actually the October and May Stereophile issues, its a monthly, not a seasonal mag.
Actually, it's not actually October and May, it actually actually October and APRIL (sorry, Keis, I couldn't resist). P.S. check out
I own an English handmade Sugden A21a, a 25w/ch pure class A type poweramplifier. Please check out to read the history of class A solid state and J.E.Sugden pioneering spirit 30+ years ago! Its not difficult for a layman to understand the story. Enjoy.Phil.
I'm sorry, the correct website is: HI CARL, KRELL is featured in one of the reports. phil.