How do you know it's time for external phono stage

I have a Classe CAP-100 with the optional phono board. I upgraded my Rega Planar 3 to a P25 a couple of years ago. I upgraded my Super Elys to a DV20XH a couple of months ago. I listen to every type of music. My speakers are Spica TC-60's. Should I expect great improvements from an external phono stage? If so, how much should I expect to spend? Any recommendations? Thanks!

I searched the archives for your TT choice but couldn't find it.

Also, could you recommend power filtration and a cryo'ed, tuned PC (whatever that is). I had a Synergistic Master Coupler but it was too unwieldy so I sold it.

Thanks for your help.

A while ago I was sort of forced to go with an external Phono stage since I went from a phono preamp to a to a line stage. It is hard to make an honest judgement about the change since I could not go back and forth while listening. My phono stage came about a month after I sold the preamp. Going from memory though there was a big improvement. The line stage and phono stage sounded better than the internal I had prior to the seperates.
here is a great buy Krell KPE Reference, a commanding phono section due in large part to the massive power supply for this delicate it is not mine...
Easy, you can buy a Highwire Wirewrap tuning device for $25 and experiment with it. Look in the maufacturer's directory. The Absolute Power Cord is the only power cord that I know of that's a tuned design. That's why it's only available in one length. Its weakness relies in being Chinese mass made--that's why deep LN2 cryo treatment helps it so much. There is audible diference between different cryo treatments.

I own a KAB modded Technics SL-1200MKII. It has outstanding speed/rotational stability. The music is both forceful and delicate at the same time...