How do you justify $125.00 for a new vinyl record

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set
now going for $200.00+

This record and many like it were cut from a digital copy of the analog master tape which means it has stereo + mono depth perception so a comparison to a 1st pressing with stereo + stereo depth perception will expose the truth about how inferior the sound quality is. Back in the 50’s,60’s,70’s vinyl was vinyl and that was that.Now you have a choice based on how much you are willing to spend as to how much the sound quality will suck. l can damn sure bet you that a digital download at 16/44 using an allpass filter to remove the dynamic compression for the loudness wars and then re-encoded with the 33 hertz frequency will blow the mofi vinyl away. 
You do not need to justify that expense. It is just money and if that record is what you want, why not.
If you can’t spend the dough or justify paying the asking price keep it to yourself.  You sound cheap and petty..
Question:  How do you justify $125.00 for a new vinyl record? 

Answer: It sounds great with my $7500 cartridge, on my $3500 turntable, through my $15,000 SET monoblocks and my $25,000 line array speakers.

Real answer: I find decent first or second pressings at my local record store. $10 to $25 for higher demand, listenable, used LP's. Get credit for trades. 

I did buy a MoFi "Dark Side of the Moon" for about $18. Wasn't impressed.  
Oh I am definitely cheap and pretty, ask the wife.
Oh shoot you said petty......
There ain't no stinkin' question.
Just sam latin.