How do you justify $125.00 for a new vinyl record

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set
now going for $200.00+

This record and many like it were cut from a digital copy of the analog master tape which means it has stereo + mono depth perception so a comparison to a 1st pressing with stereo + stereo depth perception will expose the truth about how inferior the sound quality is. Back in the 50’s,60’s,70’s vinyl was vinyl and that was that.Now you have a choice based on how much you are willing to spend as to how much the sound quality will suck. l can damn sure bet you that a digital download at 16/44 using an allpass filter to remove the dynamic compression for the loudness wars and then re-encoded with the 33 hertz frequency will blow the mofi vinyl away. 

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and there is 100% an agenda behind the madness
Its called business.......
Really hate when records which are items of pleasure with music are treated as a commodity.
Yes I know that is the world we live in and always has been but does not mean I have to like it.

Quite happy most of the time with my bargain $1 bin dive finds!
While I would agree it is hard to comment when you have not heard it I can agree with the sentiment in general on the ever increasing spiral of pricing on new and remastered lps.
Obviously demand and it being a still booming niche market has a big effect on pricing but $100+ for new records?
Now I will admit to having paid just over $100 for some older rare records that I wanted to complete my collection of a certain artist and that again is market driven and maybe more fool
Thats just crazy.....
While somebody may find that to be a good deal and will pay it, I just could never ever do that unless I won the lottery big time.
But even then my common sense would likely kick in and prevail.
Not knocking anybody who does pay that at all but it just seems outrageous to my eyes.
Curious how many Hot Stampers you guys have in your collections?
Zilch, Zero, Nada, None.
Oh I am definitely cheap and pretty, ask the wife.
Oh shoot you said petty......