How do you justify $125.00 for a new vinyl record

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set
now going for $200.00+

This record and many like it were cut from a digital copy of the analog master tape which means it has stereo + mono depth perception so a comparison to a 1st pressing with stereo + stereo depth perception will expose the truth about how inferior the sound quality is. Back in the 50’s,60’s,70’s vinyl was vinyl and that was that.Now you have a choice based on how much you are willing to spend as to how much the sound quality will suck. l can damn sure bet you that a digital download at 16/44 using an allpass filter to remove the dynamic compression for the loudness wars and then re-encoded with the 33 hertz frequency will blow the mofi vinyl away. 

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Speaking of Blood On The Tracks, I have a record, CD, Mini Disc, cassette, SACD, and think I am missing 8-Track. How much do they go for? How much is a player?
You do not need to justify that expense. It is just money and if that record is what you want, why not.
I bought a couple of records roughly in that price range and at least one more than that, all new. I copied them into digital and that was about it. I paid that much because that was the price