How do you hook up ekwal speakers?

I just recently bought an ekwal center speaker. I have an emotiva 3 channel amp, integra receiver with preouts, but i dont know what kind of cables or where they would even go. Can anyone help?
Front preouts for L/C/R go to the emotiva via RCA-terminated interconnection cables.
Corresponding speaker outputs go to the front 3 speakers with standard (two-conductor) speaker cables.

Of course, it is not clear from your post whether you have more than just a center channel speaker or whether your
"ekwal" is powered or passive.
Sorry about that. My ekwal is passive, and my other speakers are into my receiver, and of course 2 speakers are from my emotiva to the pre outs of the receiver. But what do i do with the ekwal?
Chad, you are very un-clear about your connections. Let's see if we can get you sorted. As Kal posted, here is how to connect:

1) Run RCA cables from the L/C/R pre-outs of your receiver into the Emotiva amp.

2) Connect the L/C/R speakers, using speaker cables (duh!), to the Emotiva's speaker jacks.

You have now completed the circuit from the receiver to the amp and then onto the speakers. Is this clear enough for you?

thanks alot for the help! We are up and running, and sounds great!