How do you hook up 2 Amplifiers? Linn Newbie

Hi there,
I have a AI preamp and 2 Linn LK85's with a set of Harbeth HLP3's which I want to run with a single run of wire. My question is, how do I connect up my system, with what wires and configuration to get the power of both LK85's pumping the speakers? Is it as simple as RCA interconnects from the output of one LK85 (Amp1)to the inputs of the other LK85 (Amp2) and then running speaker cable from the Amp2 to the speakers? Does this work and double up on the power through the RCA's?
What you describe wouldn't do anything except run the speakers off the second amp.

You can't do what you are asking with one set of speaker wire... you would need two, one from each amp. This would require your speakers to be bi wireable as well.
i thought so. i have k400 wire so i can biamp. Thanks! the only thing is harbeth recommends single wire setups
Could the amps be run in Mono?? then it doesn't matter that you have a single set of binding posts. Run one amp per speaker. ,,,The LK400 is a biwire cable. Don't see how that helps.
well yesterday i set it all up. 2 LK85's, the right channels of each amp driving a separate driver on the harbeths. sounded fantastic! but it only confirms that i need more power to drive the speakers, so i'm considering a mccormack or a pass aleph or conrad johnson. any other opinions out there?