How do you go about selling large speakers?

Hi, I enjoy this site and reading and learning about other peoples systems. I am a very low budget music lover. I have a pair of mint Cervin Vega VS-150s. They are very large. They sound great and are in incredible condition. I think I bought them around 1994ish. I have no idea how to find the people who would enjoy them. Too big to ship. I have looked for audiophile groups locally. I am just having no luck. Not high end I realize, but if anyone here could kind of point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. 


Hey Thanks! I never even thought of that! I am kind of an idiot. I didn't know CL was even still around. But thank you very much.
I go to my audio dealer and say "I'll take those. How much will you give me for my trade-in?". Then, the dealer picks up the old ones when he delivers the new. Simple!
These definitely aren't too large to ship as they aren't that much different in size than many floorstanding speakers that ship routinely strapped to a pallet.  The problem is they aren't worth the cost of shipping.  I don't think a local dealer will give you anything for them but if you list them locally on CL or similar for a very low price you will have a decent chance of getting someone to take them off your hands.

DIMENSIONS: 35.5" x 18" x 18.6" (H X W X D)  WEIGHT: 90 Lbs.
Donate locally to a dance school, high school drama class, Salvation Army.....
Besides Craigslist, posting an Ebay listing with local pickup would be another way.
I prefer the latter as CL is populated by some rather sketchy characters, at least Ebay will allow you to filter the responses.
Sorry, not fishing at all. I seriously was looking for advice on selling the speakers. I realize they are not "high end" speakers. I got some good advice and am using it. They are big and thought I could get some good advice, which I did. You on the other hand should not respond to threads you are not interested in. 
Put on ads for band equipment like gear slutz , craigs list ,
used band equipment good for starters .
You are going to find many people on this site feel that you are "not worthy" of posting your FEEBLE question because some people think that it's not true HIFI gear. I am not one of those other helpful members said CL is most likely your best bet.
Happy Listening
Hi, thanks markum01. I never wanted to start anything. I got great info from some members and even got an interested party from Craigslist. I get that it can be sketchy. I will take precautions. Audioman sent links I never ever knew about. I wish I could donate. We have donated TONS of older gear. But the way things are....go from a decent paying job to not. I am selling old vintage RCs on eBay. I never thought I would sell this stuff. But I have a family and things change. I love this site for knowledge and thoughts and "if I only". I love music. Everyone here does. It is cool people such as yourself and the others that pointed me in the right directions that will keep us audiophiles together. I may have close to no money, but I will always love listening to good music through a good system. I'll just probably have to be at someone else's house! P.S. Sorry....I was drinking some beers.
tdiddy...there are many people on these threads who enjoy helping others. I have had people who emailed me to offer help because they didn't want to deal with some of the negative and insulting comments some members make. You have to ignore that stuff and focus on the many good people who use these forums.
These are too big to ship any other way than on a pallet. Pricey, especially if you need a liftgate. On the positive side, insurance is cheap but how much are these really worth? I doubt you'lll find a buyer willing to pay freight.

So, local sale is your best hope...

As others have said, post on Craigslist or US Audio Mart. They're both free and can be relisted for free withotu limit.

Don't bother with Ebay, too high a risk of an "unsatisfied" customer to screw you.
Nothing is too big to ship. Larger items need to be packed more carefully and may require a pallet as art_boston replied, but that extra trouble may be mitigated if you can ship via freight carriers (trucking firms) and not the common package carriers. UPS or FedEx do freight as well but tend to be more expensive unless you ship regularly and can negotiate a better than over the counter price - up to 75% less.

Insurance can be a problem as some freight carriers want to pay by the pound but many will allow you to set a value on your goods. Also, you can save a lot by taking your gear to the trucking depot and asking your buyer to pick up at the same. Most freight companies don’t do door-to-door well and charge a lot for "last mile" service. That is often true for UPS and FedEx as well.

When I buy and sell gear I always take and pickup my gear to the local UPS or freight depot. It’s less expensive and I suffer much less damage or breakage than by door to door. It’s on and off the little truck where most damage occurs. Skeptical? Ask someone who works at UPS. They will tell you the same thing.

+1 to CL or even OfferUp. 
AudioGon people probably don’t know this, but mint condition CV speakers actually sell for a pretty penny. Look on eBay. 
Thanks for all your help. It is a nice community. I received an offer on CL. But the guy didn't even want to haggle. Wanted to send a check. Seemed sketchy. Seriously I have only ever sold on eBay. I would rather sell to a friend. We tried donating some nice stuff even a guitar, but nobody's taking things these days. Weird. 
So all of your suggestions have been great and I weighed the options. 
And I love all the fun responses! :) I would sell the house with the speakers included! Great ideas! 
There is a sentimental aspect...I remember who I was with what we were doing and what we were listening to. These were kind of my "growing up" speakers.
But you have to let it bail. 
So thanks again for all the options. I appreciate it. Great advice and fun. 

They are not worthless and someone will enjoy them. I have.

Thanks to everyone,

buy an old receiver and set them up in the garage...I did that with my old Advents and Onkyo, and have loved it !!!