How do you get rid of loud crackling noise on Lps?

I just bought a record that looks like new & cleaned it on my VPI 17 Record Cleaner & still have loud crackling noise in the background. Is there any way of getting ride of this noise? The record looks like New! What caused this loud crackling noise? Thanks for any help you might give me.....JH
Get the CD version :P
Other than cleaning them (see related posts) your stuck with the snap, crackel and pop.
I got a record like that once, and it took several cleanings as well as a few playings, before it was anywhere near decent. I don't know what it was, but I think that somebody had done some kind of "protective" treatment to it, and really screwed it up.
There really isn't anything that can be done for an LP that someone played with an old or damaged stylus. It is often difficult to determine how something will sound based on how it looks I have LPs that look like junk and sound good, and LPs that look good but sound like junk.
I' have a record cleaner too, but they don't always get everything.
You mught be stuck with a stinker!!! but it still sounds better than a CD!
I bought a drop dead mint Japanese Sgt.Pepper a while back.
It was so full of noise I thought it was damaged.
The vinyl (and cover) looked brand new.
It took 4 wet vac cleanings a 4 groove-glide treatments to get it quiet.
This LP ended up being one of the quietest I own.
I've got the best solution:

Find the same one without loud crackling noise.
I can say that now I've none such records and yes I did change for better ones(that I needed to have in my collection) and gave or sold or dumped the noisy ones elsewhere. It never matters how good this record looks to me but depending on the price I'd realy ask for the playing test if it's too valuable and expencive. I also do have records that look like shit but sound dead quiet.

I bet that there are not too many records that are only one and everything has a proper replacement. I tell you as a holder of a records that had been produced in just few hundreds of copies and still I bet I can get you one to replace if neccessary.

All the most 'phools do is an alchemy that will never turn from iron gold. For better results you should apply 25 cleaning cycles but first think of wasting an expencive liquids instead of just simply getting a different one.
I purchased an "as new, made for radio station" version of a favorite on ebay. Noisiest record I own! Maybe record companies do something with the pressing to hype the midrange at the expense of the treble (FM cuts out around 14Khz right?) or figure a radio station will play it a ka-zillion times -enough to plow out the "groove-garbage" left over from the pressing? Keep playing yours and maybe it will "mellow out"...
I agree with Marakanetz, I get a few records that just sound bad. I have gotten sealed records that are noisy and $ 1.00 records that are amazing! I would simply look for a cleaner copy. The majority of lps that look mint sound quiet and great You can also try a zerostat to neutralize static and other lp tweaks!
one more hint:
i usually try to "upgrade" US records for german since german ones indeed as quiet as CDs and much superior sonically. certainly i pay more but trying to find a good online deals from there.