How do you get a 250 lbs Speaker on an SP-101?

Any experience getting insanely heavy speakers (Eggleston Andra's) set upon Sistrum SP-101 stands?

Thanks for your input. I may attempt this with some folks tomorrow night.

Two person lift?
With a third to position the stand... don't start drinking until AFTER this job is done!
Yea get plenty of beer for AFTER your done, and be careful or your gonna be drinking alot more than you planned!

What I did was move my speakers around until I got them dialed in right ( distance away from walls, correct toe-in, height of speaker etc.). The height is important because with the SP-101 they will be elevated at least 3". Once you have the spot located where the speakers will go run tape along the inside edge and back edge of the speaker putting the tape on the floor.Once both speakers are outlined with tape put wood under the speaker bases to get the minimum height of 3". Listen to your system and see if this is to your liken. The height of your speakers will ultimately depend on the height of your listening chair and your height. The taller you are in the listening position the higher the speaker can be raised. Add another thickness of wood block to raise it up another 1" or so and listen. Once you find the correct height take the measurement. Remove the wood blocks from under your speakers. Pull the speakers to the side and put the SP-101 in their place. Put the wood blocks under the SP-101 to give it the desired height. You will have to take into account the height of the Audiopoint. So obviously if the Audiopoint is 1.5" and you liked 4" of height you will need 2.5" of wood block under SP-101 to set the height. Next measure the width and depth of your speaker base and set the Audiopoint (pointing up into the speaker) the correct distance. Position the SP-101 over the tape outline and line it up with the Audiopoints. I use 1/2" wide tape and set the Audiopoints to the inside of the tape edge. If done correctly the points will be 1/2" from the base edge of your speaker giving you the best effect. Have at least two people ( in your case because of the weight) lift the speakers onto the SP-101.Line the speakers up with the tape on the floor. You may have to make adjustments but it will be minimal. I strongly suggest that before positioning your speakers on the SP-101 make sore that is the position you will keep them at. If you have never used the SP-101 let me say I have them under every piece of gear I own and they are well worth what you paid for them.
Thanks for the input. Beer is on my list of things to do tomorrow.

Irish stated some good points/tips that I hadn't thought of. Fortunately, the speakers are currently in the position I like, thus the hardest part is done (many hours of listening and moving speakers). I assume (which is never good) that 2 to 3 inches higher would not prefer a front to back or side to side adjustment, as well. Although the change brought on by the stands themselves once they are on, may prefer a different location. In any case, they need to be on the stands before I could assess that.

Looking forward to hearing the Andras on these stands.
Here's my invention of the day: Speaker jacks. Remote controlled motorized platforms that slide under one's speakers. The remote should have L/R speaker, raise/lower and a joystick. When raised, one would be able move each speaker backward and forward, left and right, adjust toe in. All from the listening chair. When the optimum location is found, simply lower the speakers onto their spikes. Probably would need to raise the chair to keep the height consistant while doing this. Most people would not use these often enough to justify the high cost but dealers could rent or loan them out.
Elgordo - I like the way you think. However, I could probably rent a team of woman weight lifters for about the same price. Not as exacting as your brilliant contraption, but with most things, one must balance form with function.

Keep the creative wheels turning. Jim