How do you fix electromagnetic interference?

I have a Samsung 61" 1080p DLP HD tv. My HD dvd player is the Toshiba the first one. During playback of my HD dvd movies i sometimes in dark areas get white dots that seem to be pulsing (strobing). Could this be electro magnetic interference and if so how do i get rid of it!? My HDMI cable is a $160.00 Monster 1 meter hdmi cable. Any inquires would be appreciated! Thanks!
Have you done anything with respect to your power lines? That may be a place to start. Noise on the power lines can have a big effect, so trying a power filtration system (on both the DLP and the DVD) could go a long way.
The first thing I would do is check and see that the contrast is not turned up all the way on the TV. Most come that way.