How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?

Maybe this topic is more of recommendation and sharing ideas than a question. We invested in our hifi systems for years to get to a place where we appreciate what our systems sound. Now, how do you find time to enjoy listening to music if many of us work long hours and still need to take care of family, errands etc…I don’t remember when was the last time I spent more than 2 hours a week at the most to enjoy the system I spent $$$ to build. How do you find time to enjoy your system?


Pheil congratulations and welcome to Audiogon.I can’t blame you staying single, husband are hindrance to audio. Especially younger men 67😀Sorry Deadhead , She is staying single.

Ihcho agree+++, I listen to music daily 2 to 3hrs on work day, off days 4to 8 HRs.

Wife, life, theater room and listening room all conflict. Listening is a luxury when only myself and the dog are home and for some reason, the dog refuses to enter the listening room, but loves watching TV.

@nonoise +1 "I listen when I want to and not to some ideal from a forum or peer group that's all caught up in the gear and minutiae."

...and, I got a tuner and tune it to KUSC classical music station and just let it run in the background most of the time while I live my life in the house, including when I'm "at work" online.  That, plus a multi-disc cd player... good to go.  "Dedicated listening sessions"... meh, sure why not, when the spirit moves me, lights low, a little weed and some chamomile tea, maybe a snuggle lover along for the ride.

and @noromance +1  Turn off the TV.