How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?

Maybe this topic is more of recommendation and sharing ideas than a question. We invested in our hifi systems for years to get to a place where we appreciate what our systems sound. Now, how do you find time to enjoy listening to music if many of us work long hours and still need to take care of family, errands etc…I don’t remember when was the last time I spent more than 2 hours a week at the most to enjoy the system I spent $$$ to build. How do you find time to enjoy your system?


I am totally with you as it relates to my main system. Due to work and family it probably gets five hours in a good week. It used to get 20+ hours a week when my work desk was in the same space, but since moving the desk not so much.

Until I rearrange again I decided to invest some coin in a better than average desktop system. Totem speakers on ISOAcoustics stands, a nice sub, Kimber cables, a Yamaha amp, Roon running on the PC. It gets 30 hours a week use.

If family takes precedence-as it should- then I suggest a family hour each day.

before dinner or after. Not during. 

Play classical music with no phones or talking allowed.

Consider it the unwinding hour. 


AVG.: Music: 10 hrs/week; Video Music: 5 hrs a week.

It changes over the years, and Covid has changed things in new ways.

Main/Office/Shop systems all re-done during Covid.

100% support from the wife regarding equipment and listening.

I’m retired, and have been not too mobile due to foot surgeries, so home a lot.

I inherited big LP collection, had many, so have more content than ever.

Got new to me CD player, so re-discovering my CD collection (even buying used CD’s again).


I’ve got a small group of friends, (4 that I met here). Most prefer coming/listening here. Since covid it’s been individual visits, i.e. Bill rarely; Jim this week on Tuesday; Robert next week on Wed.; Darius coming this Sunday; Arne in my town, frequently his place or mine, dinner and music either Mon or Fri (he works t/w/th). Christian randomly, his place or mine. Rick infrequently, he here on the way to his parents south of us; we there on the way to or fm Maine. Neighbors randomly, found a few hours for drinks and listening, they know more than likely I’m here and stop what I’m doing to enjoy their company.


Thus I’ve gotten where I prefer listening with others, their or my existing or new content; Alone: I mostly listen to new content.

Music TV Shows (pre-recorded to watch with the wife). Video Music on YouTube, Music DVDs or Streaming also competition to just Audio.

Video with darn good sound other end of the Main Audio system is strong competition.

Downstairs, enter room, look left, AUDIO; look right, VIDEO: what’s it gonna be?


I listen a lot my partner and I live in different cities and I don't really watch TV on my own other than some sports. Plus I work partially from home and no kids I probably listen at least 4-6 hours a day more like 8-12 on weekends.

I get up and play with dogs, while listening to music. Got to work and when I get home my wife watches a few shows she likes and then I listen from 9 to 11 or so. Weekends probably 8 to 12 hours everyday depending on my home workload.