How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?

Maybe this topic is more of recommendation and sharing ideas than a question. We invested in our hifi systems for years to get to a place where we appreciate what our systems sound. Now, how do you find time to enjoy listening to music if many of us work long hours and still need to take care of family, errands etc…I don’t remember when was the last time I spent more than 2 hours a week at the most to enjoy the system I spent $$$ to build. How do you find time to enjoy your system?


As a professional musician who works constantly, it's usually the last thing i want to do. The best bet is the occasional week off, even then only after a few days to decompress.

From an early morning to a late at night and sometimes over the entire night.  Music is my drug.  It makes me happy and complete. I also learned  how to multitask while listening to music  and it helps when you're semiretired and working from home. Lucky me, I guess.....

Retire!  And make sure that you have a room dedicated to music listening.  I have a dedicated listening room that I blast music and then in the adjoining room watch sports (muted of course).  It's bliss.  And the wife doesn't mind at all.  Because the sound is phenomenal and so is the sports.

I am totally with you as it relates to my main system. Due to work and family it probably gets five hours in a good week. It used to get 20+ hours a week when my work desk was in the same space, but since moving the desk not so much.

Until I rearrange again I decided to invest some coin in a better than average desktop system. Totem speakers on ISOAcoustics stands, a nice sub, Kimber cables, a Yamaha amp, Roon running on the PC. It gets 30 hours a week use.

If family takes precedence-as it should- then I suggest a family hour each day.

before dinner or after. Not during. 

Play classical music with no phones or talking allowed.

Consider it the unwinding hour.