How do you feel about Eggleston Speakers?

Dear Agon,

I've found a couple of opportunities to acquire EgglestonWorks Savoy Signature SE speakers.

These are replacing a pair of Klipsch Jubilees.

My listening room is 20x30 with 10' ceilings.

I have not listened to any Eggworks speakers before however I've "got a feeling" these could be fun. 

I have not chosen an amplifier for them yet, you could say i'm rebuilding from scratch.

thank you all for your advice and opinions.  I'm in New Orleans so I listen to a lot of jazz. :)


I owned the Andra 2 for quite a while. The bass, midrange and dynamics were all very good. My only reservation(s) was that the Esotar tweeters were at least in my opinion, subdued in the treble coverage. And they weighed 215lbs each!


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OK  The Viginity got 2   10 " Woofers in parallel , so is total 4ohms, the crossing according to specification 120hz low pass crossover. To achive this crossover point they must use induction coil with at least  12 mh , The DC resistance must be very very low  like 0.1 ohms to achive Demp Factor at list 40  to make bass tight and not boomy , To get this they must use very huge coil with 12 gauge wire, I assume they use small regular coils. I am speakers designer and electronic engineer , The Egglestonworks is the big company and suppost to know what they doing, but i listen the same Viginity in my  buddy Home and remember  the bass was boomy

I own Andra 1 for maybe 20 yrs now.Read the Wes Philip review will help.My Andra    With the right power amplifier, they are amazing. Many owners used Krell, Mark Levinsons to power them.I did try to bring those amps to power them.They did perform but in my system they sound good but Iam not getting the musicality Iam looking for.Until I found the Tsakadiris Apollon 150 per channel tube amps. With tubes Iam getting good sounds and musicality. No boomy bass.If you are really interested on the savoy prepare yourself getting a tube amp or at least tube preamp. It will reward you.