How do you download your LP's to your computer?

I would really like to be able to play my Lp's through my desktop, how are you doing that? Does the Desktop need a built in DAC? What program(s) are needed and what other hardware?
Pro-ject sells a turntable with a USB Port that will download into a PC. Check out their website.
If you have a phono preamp; just want to listen; and don't care otherwise; you could just run a pair of cables between the phono preamp and the soundcard line input. The cable (from RatShack) would have a pair of male RCAs on one end and a small headphone jack on the other.

Ratshack might still have those $30 battery powered phono preamps if you need one.
Bongofury, the TT you suggest looks interesting.
Sugarbrie, I actually want to be able to download to the hardrive so that I can make copies either to my iPod or possibly to CD.
I am surprised that you say that my phono pre-amp can connect to the soundcard, my phono preamp has a pretty large voltage output.
That USB table is availabe at Cosco. It looks like Matel Toy Co. made it. I personally wouldnt want to put my records on such a beast.
12-14-07: Bongofury
Pro-ject sells a turntable with a USB Port that will download into a PC. Check out their website.

12-15-07: Stringreen
That USB table is availabe at Costco. It looks like Mattel Toy Co. made it. I personally wouldn't want to put my records on such a beast.
No, Stringreen, you are talking about the Ion USB Turntable, which *is* a very lightweight plastic turntable made to look like it's anodized aluminum. And it is indeed $99.95.

But Bongofury is talking about the Sumiko-distributed Project Debut III/Phono USB model which retails at $450. It is a Project Debut III with included Ortofon OM 5E cartridge plus built-in phono preamp, digitizer, and USB output so you can directly digitize LPs to devices that can accept digital audio files via USB port.

You are correct.
Today, I saw a BIG ad in our local paper for the TT with an iPod dock and USB connection to the PC from Hammacher Schlemmer.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this TT... it's priced at $259 incl shipping. It seems like a shame that I have not been able to figure out how to get the signal from my Linn setup to my PC, This would be a far better solution I suspect, but what is needed to do this? ( If it is possible at all).
Daveyf I'm not sure what you mean by your peamp having a pretty large voltage output. It shouldn't be anything a soundcard couldn't handle. An easier solution would be to get a portable firewire/usb powered audio interface that includes phono ins like the Presonus Inspire. Guitar Center will sell you one for $150 or so. It also comes with a "lite" version of Cubase which is a popular audio/midi sequencer and editor.
I too am curious if anyone has the TT to iPod? Looks good. I'm not to concerned about taking the pops and cracks out, I just want some of my LPs on my iPod!!!