How do you distribute your $ on cables? in ?

a) source to preamp interconnect

b) preamp to power amp interconnect

c) speaker cable

d) power cord for source

e) power cord for preamp

f) power cord for power amp

g) digital cable

h) phono cable

g) misc (crossover, eq, sub etc)
I like to use a really nice IC (AN VX $980) from source to my integrated amp. It is cheaper to do than spend it on speaker cables (Lexus bi wire $700) and this way you get the best signal to the amplifier to begin with.

I have a VenHaus DIY PC and it is so good I forgot about upgrading it - for about $60 each.
so in your opinion, the most effective is the source signal cable, isn't it?

how effective are power cables compared to speaker and interconnects?