how do you deal with heavy power cords?

I have some very heavy power cords that won't stay in a wall socket correctly, the weight pulls them down too much. It's even a problem in the IEC receptacle on the back of seveal components (I have used a foam support underneath, but that is suboptimal for obvious reasons). Has anyone developed a clamp or other kluge to hold these things in a socket? Is the only real solution to find lighter cords (and reasonable flexibility would be nice too!).
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Hospital Grade recepticles should have enough clamping power to hold onto the prongs on the plug. For the IEC end I would wrap a piece of electrical tape around the perimeter of the IEC and then plug it into the unit. At least worth a try if you havn't already.
I have the same problem.
This might work for the wall outlet, though I haven't tried it:

As for the IEC end, everything I've seen requires holes to screw into, like these:

If you find something better, let us know.
i have jps 'aluminatas and they,too,are very heavy...what i did was to make a 1" thick wood block with cut outs for the outlets...i have a quad outlet...and take velcro tape and tape the wood block to the outer limits of the wall outlet with the velcro....then plug the pcs' through the holes into the outlets..the 1" wood thickness holds the plugs in nicely and does not allow them to lever out...hope this helps
Only thing that I have found that works for me is to cut out a piece of wood (but any other materials would probably work too, even found around the house) and prop up the cable. I use blueTack then to prevent this piece from moving. Since I am not moving around equipment, as I am able to pull my complete rack out, this is the only thing that has worked for me.

For the wall outlet, I have not experienced this problem. But you can also bend out the prongs a little bit to get a tighter fit to help it hold in better.
Put a cable tie (that has an added eyelet) around the power cord and then affix a hook to a nearby surface and hang the cable from it. You can also double them up and attach them to a chassis screw or around the feet of your amp and other component
thanks! I bookmarked the links and will try all these suggestions until I find one that works for me. The buypowergear clamps look interesting.
For the Wall receptacle side, I put a small nail-in picture frame hanger into the wall above the outlet plate. I plug the PC into the outlet, loop a length of monofilament around the PC, loop it over the hook on the hangar, snug it up and tie it off. Works like a charm on my very stiff and heavy power amp power cables.
oyaide receptacles!!!
This is also a problem should you use iso/vibration devices as the torque from heavy cords negates their benefit.

I finally switched to Morrow Audio MAP-2 power cords (light weight and flexible) and am very happy
I made a taller version of Ridge Street Audio Design's "Cable risers" (
to keep my DCCA cord in the wall/power conditioner socket. Works well.
SlipKnot's suggestion seemed the best/easiest...

Make one that is not so heavy and use good IEC's
I second Oyaide R-1 receptacles. I have three of them for my audio gears. They provide amazing amount of grip. I now need to use both hands and shift my weight in order to pull the power cables from Oyaide.
Attach a L bracket to the stud above the wall outlet.Thenuse a large cable tie around L bracket and power cord plug.
if you can raise the line cord off the floor , up to the hight of your lowest outlet, that may help as well. if the cable is very heavy, it may be wise to have equal distribution of elevation materials, rather than just near the outlet. if the power cord is 6 feet, 3 lifting devices may be sufficient. wood, styrofoam, or other substances are suitable.
Just have your butler hold 'em.