How do you connect your single wire and jumpers ?

On your speakers hi and lo ?
On my Silverlines, the single wires are connected at the low, but on my Von Schweikerts the single wire was connected at the top. Each way was according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

It seems to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Why not try it both ways and choose the one that sounds best to you?
In my experience the "cross connect" method averages the loss of single wiring with jumpers evenly across the entire speaker.

First put the jumpers in to tie the positives to each other and negatives to each other. Then connect your positive speaker wire to the positive treble post and your negative speaker wire to the negative bass post.
The possiblity of your being able to hear a difference between having the cable on the high, low or diagonal posts are somewhere between zero and none. The only possibility being if you have REALLY cheesy jumpers. In that case, doing the diagonal connection could cause a disparity between your sections.
I can definitely discern the difference on my Silverlines when the single run is connected to the top versus when it's connected to the bottom, due to the quality of bass response that results.

I could not hear much difference on the Von Schweikerts.

I have also found on the Silverlines that it's important that the jumpers be the same wire as the single run. If not, the differences are magnified (including when using the Silverline jumper plates, which are easily bettered).

Grisselham, perhaps you'll receive some relevant advice from owners of your speakers if you mention the model.
I have PMC GB1 speakers and i use the same kind of cable as jumpers.
Tvad and you others do you connct the jumpers first and then the single wire ? I use furutechs rodium bananas.
I connect the single wire first (spades). Then I connect the jumpers (Z-banana type on the low posts and spades on the upper posts). I had the jumpers custom made in that configuration so I wouldn't have to sandwich the spades.

It works for me. It may or may not work for others.