How do you clean your type of stylus?

We got the 1200 grit sandpaper. We got the solvent and scrubbing brush. We got the jelly dome for a couple of dips. What is the current wisdom? What are the standards and practices as opposed to the unusual cases?
I use ultrapure water.
Psychicanimal, Whadda youse mean by ultrapure? Reverse osmosis perhaps? Thereupon, howse to administer said fluid? And can ultrapure cleanse a diamond living in the space of high g forces and attending heat and water proof elements? Or do you never have a problem, old records or new...
Record Research LP#9. I get my RR from
I zap mine with a Cybersonic toothbrush once a week (use a stylus brush otherwise before/after play).

The ultrasonic toothbrush @ $180 (on sale) was not purchased with stylus cleaning in mind, but it works well and takes but a second.

Oddly enough I use a Water-Pik to pre/final rinse LP's (the Cybersonic replaced the Water-Pik as far as dental hygiene goes).

I've seen ultrasonic stylus cleaners for $150, or so.
i use the jelly dome. I'm a little concerned about residue, but i don't lose sleep over it.
IME LP#9 works much better than the jelly domes. You have to be sure a liquid cleaner is safe for your cartridge however. A few manufacturers like ZYX recommend against them, fearing liquid may wick up their hollow cantilevers and harm the suspension.

For a DIY alternative that works just as well as LP#9, but with a different set of risk factors, search for my thread, "DIY Stylus Cleaner."
Correction to previous post. Here's a link to the thread I referenced.
Record Research LP#9.
Aceto, ultrapure water is purer than RO water. RO water can go down to 5-15 uSiemens in conductivity, whereas ultrapure water is usually below 0.08 uSiemens and less than 0.35 ppb sodium and 5 ppb Silica. At such purity levels it acts like a solvent.

I'm going to get the stuff to try this today. I just built my battery option for the Teres. Could have done it in 15 minutes if the damn Q1 transistor would have went in easy! Built a nice mahogony and copper box for it too. So, I figure I'll give your contraption a shot and see if I can get a little more perfomance from my stylus.
Mr Clean sounds interesting. So does super pure water, but I better see if Clear Audio recommends liquid. But I gotta say that our dentist gets the prize for wacky yet wonderful. I wonder if flossing would help. Thanks for the great input. But the price of battery power supply should be about a quarter the price and should be available for every component. I wonder if computer UPS could do the trick for a whole rig, or maybe one for digital and the rest on another. But that's another thread

I could mail you one if you want. I have a couple spares. Let me know if you want me to.


Sounds good. You still have my addy. I looked in 3 stores and couldn't find the magic ereasers. Most appreciated!

Wow, maybe I cornered the market! $75 apiece + S/H!!!
To quote John Lennon, again, #9, #9, #9, #9