How do you clean your records?

Hey everyone,
I am a younger audiophile and have recently just purchased my first analog rig (vinyl supplied from my relatives unused collections). I was just wondering a cheap way to clean records. I only purchased a Music Hall MMF-2, so I feel that something like a record cleaning machine would be ridiculous. Someone suggested windex and a paper towel, but I don't want to ruin my small record collection in hopes that one day a better turntable might come. Thanks for the help.
I would suggest picking up the "Disc Doctor" record brush and cleaning solution and then follow that with a good distilled water rinse. This will get you most of the way there and not do any damage over the long haul. Don't overlook keeping the stylus clean and making sure that the cartridge is set up as well as possible. Sean
Graet suggestion Sean.
A Eureka Hot Shot also works well. Give it a blast of steam and wipe away.
I agree with Sean. Cleaning the stylus every two plays will help a lot as well.

The Orbitrac is worth checking out also, especially for soiled records. If you get really serious you must have a real machine like a Nitty Gritty or VPI. The reduction in surface noise is remarkable. I also treat my newly cleaned records once with Gruv-Glide. Watch yourself - there's nothing like that vinyl sound!
Similar to both Sean & Jphilips. I use vpi & always gruv-glide. I've used the gruv-glide since 1983 on over 2000 records and always get excellent, consistant results.
Hope this helps, happy listening!
All of these are good suggestions. I still prefer the Sota LPC record cleaner. It's the lazy mans way at arriving at a great source.
An audioquest antistatic record brush will go a long way. They are only about 15-20 bucks. Most of what makes a record dirty I have found is playing them with the slightest amount or dust on them. The dirt gets into the grooves from the stylas. The audioquest brush is very effective in removing all of this surface dust before it gets into the grooves.
Also, the discwasher D4 wet cleaning system is moderately effective at removing dirt. It is the most effective short of soaking the record and actually scrubbing and rinsing it. As a plus, when and if you do get into that territory, of cleaning off of the tt, the d4 brush is a good scrubber if you do want to soak and rinse them. This may give you a little practice before you go buying a bunch of record cleaning devises.
There turntable you have IS a real turntable. It may be inexpensive, and a long way from state-of-the-art, but it will properly play your records, and will sound good. It is capable of good sound, and should sound as good as a cd player in the same price range. It will still do some things better. It should also be as safe to your records as anything.
The issue of cleaning records is something we all have to deal with, no matter how sophisticated our turntables are. We all still get the same benifits, and the same hassles.
How about using Ultrasonic?
Where do you get Gruv-Glide?
Dear JCaudio
Go to the website They list several well regarded vendors as well as factory direct info. I usually buy mine from Elusive Disc, Music Direct, or Needle Doctor depending on what else I'm buying. They usually give you a slightly lower price than some of the high end shops.

It's great stuff. You can also access it from the manufacturers index right here on Audiogon, under G.

Best Regards & Happy Listening
Get the disc doctor cleaning system and DON'T USE WINDEX!
Don't waste your money on a vacuum cleaning system.

Goto Home Depot and pick up a small $30.00 wet/dry vac.
Get some of those large round cotton face pads women use to remove make up and tape one tightly around the opening of the wet/dry vacs' hose. Just make sure the tape is wrapped around the sides of the hose and does not in any way get near the mouth.

Poke a slit through the center of the pad with a sharp pointed kitchen knife. You can use your finger to carefully enlarge the hole from the center.

Now you can clean and rinse the records with the Disc Doctor system and use the shop vac to remove all the waste water. Just be sure to check the pad for edge wear and replace it with a fresh one as needed.