How do you clean your RCA female inside ?

What should i use to clean inside of RCA inputs/outputs ?

Thanks in advance !
Massengale Audio products.
Craig "Oxyclean" ?? contact cleaner. Q-tips with most of the cotton removed.
Radio Shack
You can find q-tip type things with wooden sticks and a smaller bit of cotton in some computer stores. I am sure you can find the same thing online.
99.9% Isopropyl alcohol, then Deox-It, then Caig Pro-Gold, all applied with a folded pipe cleaners.
CAIG De-Oxit on a Q-Tip with most of the cotton removed, as Elizabeth suggests, works well. Also, a pipe cleaner with a small piece of blue paper towel (the type sold at hardware or auto parts stores).
hey Dill, are you suggesting use of each of those fluids in sequence, or is that the rank order of performance? Can you elaborate?

I've used Deoxit before and switched to Isopropyl Alcohol. I also purchased the little Signet RCA cleaner tools from Fatwyre.
I like the Signet tools, dipped in Kontak DeOxit or a similar cleaner. Be careful not to press too hard, you might loosen the contact internally.
If you have an electronics wholesaler in your area (NOT the Shack), see if they carry GC Electronics products. They make a "cotton applicator" (a Q-tip) with a pointy head that is absolutely perfect for female RCA jacks. If you go to the GC Electronics website:

6" Pointed cotton-tip applicator on wooden shaft. Head size @ .105" D, tapering to .020" Dia. Package of 100. Cat. No. 19-0756-0000

They run me around $3.50 for the 100 pack, and have many, many uses. You'll never go back to any other method. Cheers,

The Signet tools are the best, but are they still available? I bought some from The Cable Company a few years ago, but I think they might not be made anymore.
There's something women use to take off makeup with . . . looks similar to a Q-tip, but much tighter cotton and with a better shape. One side is narrow and conical, the other is flat and round. Easier to fit into the space around the pin in the RCA. Usually sold in pharmacies in the makeup section.
You can dip in alcohol, but use the 99%, not the standard rubbing alcohol. Amazing how much black crap comes off.