How Do You Clean Your CD's?

I have been wondering what different products and methods people use to clean their Cd's?
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I breath moist air on them, then wipe them with the cleanest T-shirt I can find...that's within reach of me. Where are Megasam and RegBlazer when we need them? Now THEY know how to clean CDs.

Blueskygolf, zippers are just as damaging as buttons if not more so.

Sc53, I must admit to running a CD cleaner in my transport every few weeks. It's actually cleared up some graininess. I imagine the laser has a tough time weaving in and around those lint balls. Refraction anyone?
I use a Discwasher rotary cleaner (don't think it's available now-but Radioshack or your local CD store sells a similar kind of product for about $15) which I may have to replace shortly as I'm on the last of the replaceable pads. You spray the disc with a cleaning solution, which is isopropyl (sp?) alcohol based, insert it, and crank away. Wouldn't be without one, especially for used CD's and rental DVD's. Then I treat 'em with Auric Illuminator.
I do like some of the others, I just lick them and then rub them on whatever T-shirt I'm wearing. Sometimes I notice they'll get little marks that will only come off if I use my bare fingernail. If I'm feeling tender I run some water on them and then scrub. But I always wipe from the inside out-never along the grooves. Its usually whatever disc I want to play NOW that needs cleaning so I'm impatient even though I have one of those fancy Alsop cleaners like HDM mentioned.
Good ol Windex with amonia d works very well.
I'm with Bob on this one. I use dish soap and water for greasy fingerprints and then blot dry. I normally use and recommend Palmolive Anti-Bacterial for tasks such as this. Not only does it soften your hands while you do the CD's, they are hypo-allergenically clean enough to eat off of : ) Sean