How Do You Clean Your CD's?

I have been wondering what different products and methods people use to clean their Cd's?
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I'm with Bob on this one. I use dish soap and water for greasy fingerprints and then blot dry. I normally use and recommend Palmolive Anti-Bacterial for tasks such as this. Not only does it soften your hands while you do the CD's, they are hypo-allergenically clean enough to eat off of : ) Sean
I agree Craig and know where George is coming from. After running into problems with DVD rentals from Blockbuster "skipping" or being unreadable half-way through the movie, i clean ALL of them now. I told the manager at the local store that they need to clean their discs and the employees responded: "we don't have the proper tools to do that". I just laughed and explained the "quick and dirty" method of dish soap and warm water. They were amazed and swore that it would ruin them. Oh, the little minds and unbelievers... : ) Sean