How do you clean XLR connectors?

Tonight I got the 'ProGold' contact enhancer out and cleaned my spade lugs and speaker terminals. Wow, much more open, and parden the pun, much cleaner sounding. My system is all balanced, thus the interconnects have XLR connectors as does my electronics.
The question is, how do I clean the male pins of the connectors and the female XLR's? Is there a tool for this, or do you just use a Q tip?
In advance, thanks!
I use a pipe cleaner soaked in cleaning agent. You can bend them into appropriate loops for pins and most will slide inside small pin contacts. Electronic supply houses also carry small stiff laboratory brushes that will fit in pin sockets.
Photon's answer is good. I usually just use a q-tip as I always seem to run out of pipecleaners...

I clean my connections every 6 months or so...really helps as you found out !