How do you choose your daily dose of music?

Sometimes I get music stuck in my head and just have to listen to it.  Other times during my daily meanderings I hear something (not necessarily music) that make me think of an album or song I want to hear.  Just a curious question.
Do you thumb through your library and choose or does one thing lead to another (this is typically my case)?
I certainly can find myself lost as in down the rabbit hole and it may last for hours. Do you find yourself going after music that is recommended here or other places, or by other people etc.  
I'll glance at my record or CD collection. I'll have a tune, an artist or an urge to hear an instrument (I'm including stuff like violin sections here). I'll have a riff or melody floating through my brain. I'll have a yen to hear some three dimensionality. I'll cue up Qobuz or Primephonic and peruse their home pages. In other words, I just dumbly let things happen.
Check out the music threads on this site. There are a lot of good suggestions & music enthusiasts there. 
This is a profoundly good question and one I've thought about asking here. Don't know if there is an efficient system for traversing through the thousands of recordings at my/our disposal.
This wouldn't be such a chore if more inspired, compelling music were being made (pop/rock arena). Guess we got our share in the '60s/'70s.
This is not a big issue when THC available. Sadly, not legal in my state at the moment.
  • Music threads here in the forum that I participate in
  • Whatever new records show up in my mail
  • Thumbing / browsing (vinyl/digital) through my collection
  • New things I hear on Radio Paradise, Spotify Discover, Qobuz/Tidal new releases
Most of the time I’m streaming from my music server using Squeeze system (Squeezebox Touch) and just select to play random tracks. When I think of something I want to hear I add it. When the last track in the queue plays, a plugin adds more similar stuff from Spotify, which still sounds pretty good, but not as good as my stuff ripped to full CD resolution. It’s a great way to discover the music that not just you choose own that might not get played otherwise but other similar stuff that you might like as well. I digitize my records when played and those get added to the library.
2 480gb iPods - all loaded up full at 128K- for car, or small shelf system as background music in house. A small nightstand for night time sleep music. Can not fall asleep well if music is not playing. 
 1 metal/hard rock. 
 1 rock/blues/everything else. 
  Don’t have a proper routine, just grab one and hit shuffle. 
Interestingly, doctor's use this same method when prescribing your daily dose of medicine.
2 480gb iPods - all loaded up full at 128K ...
How do you get 480 gigs on an iPod?

bought them.There are larger ones, up to 1tb storage for using lossless songs.
  There are 560gb. Etc. 
fleabay. Some  use the SD cards which are faster and battery lasts a lot longer as no moving parts.  
 Love mine! 
  Look around  lot of them being sold.Most come with warranty from private sellers. 
... There are larger ones, up to 1tb storage for using lossless songs.
  There are 560gb. Etc.fleabay. Some  use the SD cards which are faster ...
Thank you!
Thanks for the replies...I thought I might be the only one to go through my day with music playin' in my head as a constant backdrop.  Well, save for my daughter who happens to have the same affliction.  And interestingly enough my wife is very susceptible to a lyric or two from a song and will then unconscientiously sing it repeatedly.  As you imagine I'm one of the fortunate ones who has no issue with WAF.  She is 100% on board with the "new" new music room. 

MC, I think my freakin' Dr throws darts to chose a med.  And, of course, I trust my eyes and reading ability so that I can ask all the questions that should be asked.  He loves seeing me.  We get along great on a molecular level.

The songs that play in your head can sometimes be trying to tell you something.

And it's not always what you might want to hear.

At one time I would have songs or even just refrains/odd lyrics playing in my head virtually all day.

These days my attention is more focused and usually on other stuff - but I don't feel any the better for it. 

I've drifted more and more to playlists and compilations over time. There's barely a dozen regular albums I will listen to start to finish. 

I usually let my mood/energy levels choose what I want to hear because the reverse doesn't always work too well.

Although sometimes a bit of Motorhead can still get me going.
Right now I'm listening to a Harmonia Mundi France LP of Medieval English Vocal Music. I have no idea how it ended up on my shelf. A promo copy I got when I worked at Tower Classics? Did someone just out-and-out give it to me? Does it belong to my wife?