How do you bias the 6922 tubes in ARC VT 200? HELP

Could some Audiogoner explain in simple English the steps in biasing the 6922 tubes in the Audio Research VT 200 Power Amplifier? I have read the Audio Research directions regarding this procedure, some part seems straight forward and simple, whilst other parts are complicated. Could you provide some simple steps to follow. I have already completed the biasing of the 8 pairs of 6550 power tubes, though I will welcome some tweaking pointers.
Have you spoken with anyone at Audio Research? I am pretty sure there is no bias adjustment for the 6922s; the 6550 output tubes are probably the only tubes that need to be biased.
Yes. The Driver Tubes(6922)must also be biased, as per ARC instructions.
Wow, this is the first amp I've ever encountered then where even the smaller tubes needed to be biased. I would call Audio Research. Good luck.

i guess you have not encountered many tube amps.
Gmorris you're right; I've only had the Audio Research D-76 and 76A, also the Conrad Johnson MV75, and a few others that I can't even remember.

I also owned the ARC D76A for about 10 years. You had to bias the input tubes.