How do you attach cones/feet/etc to components?

I haven't been able to find much on the subject and it seems almost as, if not just as, important as how the feet interface with the rack. I have been using a thin double-sided adhesive tape, but am thinking about blu tack for my next set. On one hand, blu tack seems like it would better transfer the vibrations to the cones because of the tighter bond, but on the other hand it is an absorptive material and that seems like it might reduce some of the "draining" properties of the cones.

Yes, yes, experimentation is key, but I'm curious what others are doing.
I've always used a little blob of Mortite. It's kind of like Blu-Tak, but a lot cheaper.

I have been using it for years on my Black Diamond Racing cones with excellent results.
Most components I own have the feet screw into the chassis.
Some cheap designs use stick on rubber bumpers for feet.

I often stick the stock feet up on chemical rubber bottle stoppers size ten. Gravity hold the system together.
If I lived in outer space I suppose I would need some sort of glue.
Yeah...gravity does the job, and some of these things are so sticky they develop adhesion on their own. I have a couple of types of sticky sorbothane feet under everything and none have snuck away. It makes sense to avoid the component's stock feet and have the pod/pads directly contact the bottom plate as that allows more vibration damping.