How do you arrange the order of your records?

I guess some alphabetically. Some by genre. By quality. Etc.
My preference is keeping them randomly arranged. This way I get a nice variety and I don’t have to choose. And it’s always a nice surprise.

I take them out about ten at a time and place them in a dedicated space between my mono blocks.


I would think alphabetical by genre and within each genre by artist.  You could take this further by filing them by date released by artist.


Mike, enjoy the foray into Classical recordings. Try not to get too bogged down in "best" performance, recording. Deep dive the composer while reading their biography. Many led quite interesting lives. 

Gave up "analogue" sources/media back in the 90s but I keep my CD rips and online digital purchases sorted by artist/album, in alphabetical order. Compilation albums are in their own folder, sorted alphabetically by album name. I briefly considered segregation by broad genre categories but decided it was unnecessarily complex.

Manage my music via Roon; so from a playback perspective the file organization is largely irrelevant. In my car it’s a different story. The head unit allows browsing by file location and I often use this feature to select. I normally listen to entire albums at a time.

I kind of solved my storage problem. (I started stacking horizontally)

Found that I could make room in my clothes closet. I also thought that I could make room in the garage for less important LPs.

As for organizing, I am stuck in random mode. Although the wife was just able to quickly find her favorite Andy Williams Sing Hawaiian. Think she knew the bunch.

I can’t fathom how one can deal with many thousands. I have several hundred.

Storage remains a problem. Maybe replace some book shelves. These days I don’t read much.