How do you all store CDs?

I am looking for an attractive piece of furniture that my wife will accept to store in the neighborhood of 750 CDs. All of our stuff is cherry finish, so I think that is going to be a requirement. Do any of yall have any recommendations?

Nothing fancy, but Ikea sells a cherry (veneer) piece that is about 7 feet tall by about 7 inches wide, so they hold around 200 CDs. It looks good if you have a tall sectioned entertainment center, and can fit one on each side and a couple in the middle. Ok, it's not perfect, but only costs about $50 each. Good luck. I have also found it difficult to find something that can accomodate a large collection (meaning lots of space), yet fit into the decor and be even remotely affordable.
CD's are just a pain to store if you kep te jewel cases. I had custom oak shelves (match the rest of the wood trim) put up on some wasted wall space in a hall off the listening room that would be two narrow for anything deeper than CD's. Foor to ceiling it stores about 3000. Before that I had some file drawer type storage in oak finish but it was pretty bulky for the number of CD's that it stored.
If you have the wall space, build or have someone build you some shallow, narrow built-in bookcases. You can use cheap wood and stain it cherry or spring for real cherry. My brother built some for me one weekend out of pine, I painted them white to match the wall, and I can now store about 3000 CDs on the back wall of my listening room, well behind my speakers. I had him make the bottom shelf double-tall so LPs could fit in. It looks really good and cost about $425, labor and materials included.
I also have the Ikea veneer stuff. Looks a lot better than the metal stands you get at Walmart, etc.
As they ask at "Car Talk"--how do you feel about your wife?
You can always just leave 750 cd's laying everywhere around the house! Otherwise spring for some custom cherry cabinets--that's a great way to justify that you did it just for her!
You mean it is a bad thing to have them stacked all over the place? Damn, I have some work to do.
jposs: here's what i find a neat solution, available in cherry:

I have the Ikea stuff and its decent looking and good for the money, my problem is keeping them in some kind of order!
I had a custom made cabinet made. The guy was in Pennsylvania. He made it out of mahogony. He can do most any kind of wood, but he only does natural finishes. The inside of the drawers were all maple. It holds around 1750 CDs. The rails are ball bearing and rated at 300 pounds--so they can hold up to the CDs. If you are interested, e-mail me and I will send you his number. He's kind of a back woods sort of a person--but great craftsmanship (not cheap though).
It's 750 CDs today, 1000 tomorrow, 1250 next year... You need a solution that allows for expansion. I use products from CANAM. They are well crafted metal cabinets with a leather like finish available in lots of colors (I chose Black). The cabinets have heavy duty drawers for storing CDs. Our cabinet consists of 4 modules in 2 stacks with a nice top. Most folks who see it end up buying some. The company is great to deal with. They send good lit on how to plan your installation. You can mix in other types of storage. Check them out on the web.
Check out Davidson Whitehalls' Storadisc at Excellent top notch furniture, I had the cherry version and it's built to last and looks beautiful. Pricey, but worth it if you don't mind spending the money.
Ok, thanks for all the help, I at least have some choices. To answer a few questions... I have a nice cabinet I love that holds 300, so the other 250 or so are in boxes or just lying around. I am fine with that. The wife is NOT fine with that, and I unfortunately have more money invested in her then either the CDs or stereo. As far as how much I wanna spend? I will spend up to a grand if its a piece of furniture I will have a long while. Expandability is nice since im around 550 now, a 750 shold last me at least 2-3 years.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Sorice (in Penn.). They make some beautiful solid hardwood CD storage cabinets. I have two in solid oak that each hold 300 CDs, and they are very nice with smoked glass doors-- about $280. each. But they have others, including floor standing models, and may make them in cherry. Try Good Luck. Craig
I just checked the Sorice website, they do make CD cabinets in solid oak, cherry, and walnut. The 300 CD model in cherry is $249. Craig
an equipment rack. I went to Staples and bought something that looks like a cross between Tupperware and a tool cabinet, made of plastic, with four wheels. it's about 4 1/2 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet with 10 drawers, which pull out. I replaced all my jewel cases with vinyl sleeves which saves about 60% of the space. All 3000 fit nicely into this dojiggy, with the other 2000 or so filling up a second "cabinet". The downside is that the discs aren't stored with the side label facing out so you have to flip a bit to go from Coltrane to Davis. If space is an issue, I highly recommend this approach. If decor is an issue, I don't! But it keeps the wife concerns to a bare minimum. Now all she has to complain about is the $$ spent!
Antique bookcases. I do not know what style your interior decoration is, but we buy nice antique bookcases (if it has been used for more than, say 20 years, it turns from 'used' to 'antique' :-) in solid cherry, mahogony, and rosewood with glass fronts. We like good construction and don't mind a few dings and scratches so this works for us.

Expect to pay $400+ for a solid mahogony case with glass doors that would hold ~300 CDs and about $1200+ for a cherry/mahogony one that holds ~1000 CDs and about $1800+ for solid Oak ~1000 CD bookcase (Oak is popular this decade). Find ones that have shelves that can be repositioned so that you can set the heights to CD size.