How do we know?

(Forgive me if there is already a thread I searched...)

Just picked up the cheap SONY xxx500 DVD/SACD player. Looking at the recent (post 1999) software, they said things like "Mastered for SACD, Remastered for SACD, Authored for SACD, Recorded for SACD." How do I know which is the broadband recording/DSD from the mike feed back? Does it matter if it is PCM broadband(?) and then goes DSD? Is there an indication like DDD for old redbook CDs?

(BTW how is this thing for video?)
I just emailed sony with this set of questions - will report back if they reply.

BTW the player sounds better after 3 days of constant burn-in. More fleshed out and extended in the frequency extremes...than out of the box.