How do we feel about a B&K ST 1400 for $400

how does this stack up against my intended target NAD 2200 ?
Hurry and buy the B&K
IMHO the B&K is a sweeter, warmer sounding amp than the NAD. The NAD will have more dynamic power and probably a bit more bass control. I agree with the above the B&K while you can.
Of the two, B&K.
Too much money, I picked up a 2140 last year which is much newer than the 140 for $275.
Oddiofyl, he didn't mention the 140.
Circa 2003, I had a B&K 2 x 200w (can't recall model #) that had a great sound. But, it died after only 4 weeks. Returned it to the dealer and got a Rotel instead.
Its series II if that is of any consequence.
ST1400, still too much as they are very similar.