How do think a Meridian 566 stands up today?

Have an opportunity to buy. Was looking at CA DacMagic or Emotiva EPA-1 before coming across this for the same money. Thanks
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I have a 508.24 which I like very much, and was considering the 566 as the DAC for a Mac based system. I understand the 566 to be the same as the 508 sans transport. IMHO, Meridian stands-up well to todays players and DACs, and can be considered somewhat of a steal in the used market. Of course, some concern about service is appropriate as we're talking about units that are 10 plus years old. I contacted Meridian and they said that parts are becoming an issue-so reluctantly I've decided to look at some of the new units folks have been discussing -like the minimax, and the Oppo 95.