How do the Magnepan 3.6r compare to the new 1.7

Which is better buy 1.7 or 3.6
3.6, it's not even close. Deeper, wider, and much louder.
Read a review on Audiocircle comparing the two but can't immediately find it. Reviewer said the 3.6 was much better than the 1.7's. I have 1.6's and 3.6's and the 3.6's rule. Higher resolution because of the true ribbon tweeter, deeper bass and much more dynamic
You can get a great killer deal on a used pair of 3.3 or 3.5 that the new 1.7 can't match either. The 3 series is altogether in a different performance class. The core implementation of each series will never allow a 1 series to perform like the 3 series.
First consider your room size, a small room with 3.6's can underperform 1.7's in an optimal room. Also 1.7's are more seamless and coherent across the 3 way whereas the 3.6's might have some discontinuity between the ribbon and bass panel, some can and others cannot discern it.
KKM, you are dead wrong. I don't know if you have ever owned or lived with the 3.6, but that is not true, I have had them, and other Maggies and other speakers for years, and never heard that from anyone.
Common comment about the 3.6 from reviewers including TAS: that a discontinuity exists between the tweet and mid panel in 3.6 which is no longer true in 3.7 Magnepans.
I own 3.6s
Elizabeth, It could be the reviewers who claim to hear this discontinuity are too close to the speakers. With large speakers it is important to create some distance to get a proper blend of the drivers. Big speakers are made for big rooms. They are not near field speakers. This is also true of speakers like Dunlavy SC-IV where drivers have a 6' span across the front baffle.
The reviewers have commented along the lines of Elizabeth's statement on the 3.6. Rrog may be correct, but there still appears to be a discontinuity- hence Magnepan changing the crossovers ect.
I have 3.6's in a small room and sit close 8' I have never noticed this djscontinuity or if it is there it simply does not bother me. But when I try to listen for it I simply don't notice it
I have owned the 3.6 for 5 years and sold it to a friend. Have 12's now and will look at getting the 1.7's. Would consider the 3.7's but room size of 13'x28' is too small.

As I stated, some can and others don't experience that, which could also be base on differing equipment. Making an absolute statement about others experience is not cool, lots of 3.6's for sale here over the years for different reasons while others think they are keepers.
Yeah, I once again call Audiophelia BS on the "discontinuity". It's solid, centered, coherent.

>but room size of 13'x28' is too small.<

Hmmm, seems plenty big enough for me. I had 3.5s in a 15 X 26 room and had no problems. I have seen bigger speakers shoehorned in much smaller spaces than yours.

I like both the 1.7 and the 3.6s. I believe that the 1.7s have this smoothness and coherence that I do not hear with the 3.6s. I got to audition the new 3.7s and I found that same smoothness and cohehrence that I heard with the 1.7s but much better. The 3.7 have much clear midrange than all the previous magnepans along with better frequency extremes than the 1.7 and the 3.6s. For difference in money buy the 3.7s They are a giant killer.
Macdadtexas, Some people are more sensitive to a speaker's coherency than others.
FWIW, coherency is a high priority for me. IMHO, in the right room, the 3 series is the sweet spot in the Maggie line up.
Well insofar as the reviewers are concerned, the comments on the 3.6s lack of coherency surfaced primarily in the reviews of the 3.7. Since it's introduction in 1999 the 3.6 was heralded by these same reviewers as among the best speakers produced, and certainly among the very best speaker values. With the very best front end equipment the crossover of the 3.6 reveals itself to be a weak link in the speaker design; however, what most people describe as incoherence or discontinuity in the speaker is the inability of their equipment to drive the 3.6 w/sufficient high current wattage. The ribbon will then scream, squeal, and buzz while the other panels will try to avoid bottoming out against the magnets.
I have the 3.6's and I have heard the 1.6's in my own room and auditioned the 1.7's several times at various shows; I like the 3.6's better by far. I think that the 3.6's are a major step-up over both 1 series.

I've never understood why J Valin hears a discontinuity issue with the 3.6's; I've never heard it... I think that the Magnepan 3.6 is one of the finest speakers I've ever heard at any price...

However, I have also heard the new 3.7's (only under show conditions) and my initial impressions are that they are even better than the 3.6.
Oh yeah; buy a good used pair of 3.6's and live in sonic happiness... Just be sure to feed them top-notch amplification with lots of watts and current!