How do the Gradient Preludes sound?


These speakers seem like a good choice for a small room from what I've read. They look very nice too and are affordable. Has anyone heard them?



I brought a set home about a year and a half ago to demo from a dealer. I will try to describe their sound.

At the time I owned GR Research Paradox 1s. The Preludes made the GRs sound rather dull as if you could tell the x-over was in the way a bit. The Preludes were very much about detail and soundstaging even more than the P1. There was a cohesiveness about their sound but I felt with my system they could get fatiguing at higher levels (Primare A20MKII/D20MKII CD at the time). I don't think they had much time at the dealer on them. With the wrong set up I think they would sound rather bright but with the right components the tranparency could be quite involving and was in my system. Bass was quick as was the rest of the spectrum. Just a huge soundstage with very little shift in the sweet spot due to the coaxial type driver. In short, they were a window showing all that was there. That is the best I remember. I did like how they sounded quite a bit but only had about three days with them.

That was an excellent response. I appreciate it.