How do Swans Divas Speakers Sound?

I am looking to buy a pair of Swans Divas Line. They are great looking but how do they sound? Any input would be appreciated.
would you seriously buy a pair of spakers based on how they look and the advice you get from a bunch of biased strangers (myself included) ? if so, you'll get exactly what you deserve. it's been said many times yet bares repeating: don't buy it if you ain't heard it, no matter where you live and how much you're spending (unless, of course, you can truly afford all your mistakes).
oops! "spakers" = speakers.
Cornfedboy- This one of the reason I ask for advice from people that have listening experienced with the Speakers. Isn't this what this forum is all about?
Chatbc, I share your curiosity. When I saw them, I was surprised by their low price considering their great looks and apparent good build quality. I haven't heard them though (sorry I can't be of help :-)
Dear Gentlemen, I thought I would take a moment to tell you a little about the Diva line of loudspeakers. I'll share with you the response I've gotten from the customers who have received them to date. It's been nothing short of "blown away", with respect to both build quality and sound quality. I know it may seem like I would exhaggerate being the Sales Director for the company that distributes these speakers, but I'm not. I've also sent a pair to a customer who happens to be the rep for a highly respected company representing many very highly regarded audio lines in the pro industry, and he called me back saying he honestly felt that they (the Diva 6.1) could easily be a $7,000.00 pair of loudspeakers! (msrp=$1299) and that he could easily live with them if his B&Ws (expensive B&Ws!) were out of his system for any reason. Best part is, you can audition these speakers in your own home, with your own system at no risk. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. All models are in stock with the exception of the 4.1. Please give me a call if you're interested, or just curious, and I'd be happy to discuss them with you! 877-543-7500, ext. 304. Thank you for your interest. Scott, Director of Sales,
I have a friend interested in the top of the Diva line.Has anyone had any first hand experiance with this speaker? Thanks