how do REGA OSIRIS & ISIS match up with speakers?

I have the upgrade bug, and I am considering buying the REGA OSIRIS and REGA ISIS matched pair. Currently I have the REGA R9s as my primary speakers - any experiences out there about these REGA electronics with either the R9s or R7s?
The Isis is my favorite CDP at it's price range. Not digital sounding. Listened to most every digital player up to the $30,000+ range & the Isis would surprise most listeners how good it is. Have not heard the Osiris.
My Osiris ( I also have the Isis ) is driving a Dynaudio Special Twenty Five without anu problem....I think it should be a nice combination with Rega's own speakers...
Finally upgraded to the ISIS (valve) cdp and OSIRIS amp
Yup ..... sound sensational with the R9s