how do REGA OSIRIS & ISIS match up with speakers?

I have the upgrade bug, and I am considering buying the REGA OSIRIS and REGA ISIS matched pair. Currently I have the REGA R9s as my primary speakers - any experiences out there about these REGA electronics with either the R9s or R7s?
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The Isis is my favorite CDP at it's price range. Not digital sounding. Listened to most every digital player up to the $30,000+ range & the Isis would surprise most listeners how good it is. Have not heard the Osiris.
My Osiris ( I also have the Isis ) is driving a Dynaudio Special Twenty Five without anu problem....I think it should be a nice combination with Rega's own speakers...
Finally upgraded to the ISIS (valve) cdp and OSIRIS amp
Yup ..... sound sensational with the R9s