How do people feel about BluOS?

I have Roon and it is quite nice.  BluOS is disappointing vs Roon.  Its worth it to get Roon for life and a Nucleus or equiv.

plus SQ potential with Roon is better than bluos.   Bluos is alot better than heos.

bluos is a nice backup.
Hard to believe no comments about sound quality.

is this important?  
BluOS is an operating system.  It runs on the hardware of the streamer and provides the UI (user interface).  It can be built into many different devices, so commenting on sound quality without the context of the hardware it's running on isn't relevant.

It is if any streamer that does bluos is not the greatest.

seems Roon/quobus combo has greater potention to produce better sq if it is not tied into a bluos environment.