How do people dust their systems?

cloth or feather duster? does anyone worry about static?
I don't do anything sexy -- just a piece of terry cloth that has been VERY slightly dampened with water.
This may sound dumb, but I always wondered if there was anything wrong with vaccuuming the equipment?
I generally view dust as a form of equipment dampening -- resonance control, dirt cheap. :)

You mean you're supposed to dust this stuff???
Only if you don't use a vaccuum!
I use a product called "Grab-it" it is a finely woven paper cloth that I tame down with my Zero-stat gun.
Interesting - maybe I do have a problem! Anyway, I use a feather duster, if I add a new item I pick everything up while I'm back there and "lemon pledge" the rack itself.
I don't add things often.
There are some new hi-tech cloths (one I have is made by 3M) that pick up and hold dust very, very well. They (supposedly) hold dust in the interior of the weave so you're not rubbing the dust onto the surface you're dusting. They're used dry and are safe for CRT screens and hence any equipment surface. Hanky-sized, probably $3 a piece.
Geez, we REALLY need to get a life. Sitting in front of the the monitor discussing the ways we dust our gear. But seriously, every week I just dust with a feather duster. (Also, Billy Baggs makes a nice wool duster - you can check it out on his web site.) Every few weeks, I use the round soft brush attachment on a vacuum to clean the areas that dusters don't reach. Will.
I try to maintain the illusion of clean. So long as you don't disturb the dust it's fine. But once you touch it, you have to clean everything.
PLEASE just remember to be SUPER careful when dusting your turntable!! There are so many disaster stories (the subject of other threads on this site) stemming from the simple and sensible idea of cleaning up the turntable base but ending up in a DESTROYED cartridge. I speak from sad experience.
Interesting, different strokes for different folks. I use a product called “Dustin” manufactured by Sunshine Industries, Inc. It is similar to a feather duster however instead of feathers it has thousands of individual synthetic hairs that act as a non-allergenic duster with electrostatic action. It works great on my tube preamp and tube amp (both are open/no cover) also does wonders on solid state. Highly recommended!
Cripes. next we should start a thread about what we dust IN. pumps, slippers, jammies, 'in the raw' etc. i'm with photon on this one. although i use a feather duster (i'm so ashamed).
I got so tired of dusting and vacuming,that I went to Sears
and got air filters for the rooms. They help,but still not 100%.
You guys need to get a wife! She loves the gear like it was her own!!
I ususally just slide one of the cats across the surface that needs dusted. If one isn't available I use one of my eyeglass cloths (which are also anti static). I use the cloths on my CD's as well.
Dust? Who cares? I have sand IN my components! Right Kelly??
i listen in an anechoic "clean room," three floors beneath my so-called "basement." it's a pain in the butt to put on the scrubs, foot covers and hairnet, especially for first-time visitors. but, hey, i haven't dusted for the past 14 years.

You guys got it ALL wrong. "Dusty" and "dirty" eqipment is a perfect excuse to get something new : ) After all, would your wife wear a shabby looking ring or necklace ??? Sean
I looked at the tag on my 3M cloth. It's a ScotchBrite brand "High Performance" cloth. I think that says it all. I daresay my rag would blow away, no, let's make that, wipe the floor with all other dusting tools. I may try to add the word "Audio" after "high performance" and see if I can resell it for $30 or so. Kubla, I wear anything I want to when I dust, but if you dust with feathers I do think some fashion sense would be helpful.
Cardas ultrasonic room sweep.
jayboard, thanks for noticing. jeez, i open up to you guys, let you in on my dirty little secret of feather dusting and get wacked with -2/-2. If i really opened up and let you in on the truth i'd get kicked off this site so fast it would make 'ol bruce's head spin.
Kublakhan, I "neutralized" the rating of the fellow A'goner. The pumps and the feather duster remark reminded me of something I was going to ask my wife. Thanks!!
Gregg...much appreciated. and if the wife defers then give me a call and maybe we can work something out. ...for a price, of course. the only question is who pays whom?
Can of air for the turntable any body? I broke a stylus on a stray string on the dusting rag, hence the suggestion came up. Anybody use Pledge for Electronics? Shine it up a bit when dusting with non-thready rag( old underwear, t-shirt, white sock,etc). Did not find wife dusting system a viable option.She said she wouldn't chance getting blamed if something went wrong later, but I think she had a resentment. Finally, I put my HEPA equipped air purifier in the room cause it really does cut down on the dust, and thus helps my allergies which helps my hearing. Always try a good decongestant before upgrading, it might save money. Briefly, anyway. For all single dads, as myself, dust with the Pledge every 2 weeks and use the duster in between( $7-True-Value fake feathers)
try Endust for Electronics. Has anti-stat properties so it's good for video monitors too. Does everything that Nordost ECO3 does, except it doesn't cost $40 a can