How Do Ohm Walsh Tall 3000, 3010, 4000, 4012 Speakers Compare To Current Design Speakers?


I have a 23' x 20' x10' carpeted great room with many differently positioned sitting locations and the Ohm Walsh speaker series with their omnidirectional sound design was recommended by a forum member because of the large sound stage for this room and for listening from in my laterally adjacent 20' x 15' kitchen.  Would get the subwoofer ones if I decide to do home theater but main usage would be music.  

The non-subwoofer versions of these came out many years ago.  How do these speakers compare sound-wise to currently introduced (likely forward firing) speakers in a similar $4000 to $7,000/pair price range (larger prices with the subs)?  Wondering if this technology is holding its own or if it has been surpassed by other designs.  Since Ohm is an internet only company, I can't listen to these locally and I am not sure I want to pay to return ship big heavy speakers.

From those who have listened to these, looking for speaker comparison comments to help with a do I or don't I ordering decision.  If responding, please don't comment on Ohm's older product, just those recent models listed in the title.  Also looking for comments from those who are not associated directly with Ohm.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Thousand series models are all current versions released in the last few years, the 4th generation of the design I believe. So they are current and competitive with anything out there though they look the same on the outside for the most part as 30 years ago.

You want speakers with very wide dispersion! OHMS fit the bill perfectly there. Talk to John Strohbeen at OHM to decide what will work best. He is very easy to talk to.

I bought original Walsh 2s in 1982. Have had many audiophile brands since. Gave newer Walsh speakers a try in 2008. Now I own 2 pair (100S3 and 5S3, 1 generation older than current) ever since. I also currently own Dynaudio and Triangle . The big Ohms rule my main system and the smallers do similar duty in another room as do the Dyns and Triangles. Wide dispersion/omni speakers are not always the best choice depending. Hope that helps. My OHM Walshes are not going anywhere. THey cannot be replaced.
Anyone else with a response that has listening experience with the latest Ohm Walsh speakers?
I suspect the best answer to your question is for you to take up Ohm on their in-home 120 day trial. That's plenty of time for them to break in and for you to experiment with positioning and listen to your heart's content. If they don't float your boat, you can always return them and get a refund.

Lots of info on these have been posted on these forums in recent years. Have you searched the forums? I don’t know what else new can be added unless specific questions. Most vendors release new models with different design and sound all the time so always something new to talk about. These speakers mostly all are similar design and sound and have been for many years. Nothing much new to say that has not already. Very boring at this point but a very good product that delivers the goods.