How do I wire my Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinet?

I have a 70s Mesa Boogie bass cabinet with 4 10 inch speakers, plus a horn and a crossover. It is 300 Watts at 8 OHMs.

I bought 4 replacement MB speakers which are 150 watts ech and 8 OHMs. When I opened the back of the cabinet to switch them out the existing speakers are 100 watts each and 32 OHMs.

How do I wire it so its It is 300 Watts at 8 OHMs? Thank you. Schematic diagrams would be most appreciated but any advice will be welcome too.
Guitar Center or Sam Ash is the best place to go.
Four 32 ohms speakes in Parallel = 8 ohms. All the + terminals of the speakers are connected together and all of the - terminals are connected together.

To get four 8 ohms together to equal 8 ohms you need to put 2 in series to make 16 ohms. Then the two 16's in parallel = 8 ohms. Connect one - terminal to another speakers + terminal, make two of these. Now connect the two unused + terminals together and the unused - terminals together.

I sent a schematic.
Series Parallel connection as per Herman response.
Here is the schematic.

Those older Mesa Boogie bass cabs are great. I own a Mesa Boogie "Diesel" 4x10, and to my ears, it's one of the best "traditional" 4x10's out there. In general, I have found that older Boogie cabs and speakers are better than newer ones (though this can certainly vary from year to year and product to product). Unless the replacement speakers you have were designed for that particular cab, you might want to consider returning them and having the old drivers reconed.