How do I use this speaker cable???

I feel a bit ridiculous asking this question, but I picked up a used pair of Linn AV5140 speakers this past weekend. They came with a pair of Audioquest CV-4 Cables that have been terminated for tri-wiring, however I'm unsure as to what type of connectors the cables terminate to on the Amp side. Can anyone identify these and explain how they are used?

See photo here (connectors on the right hand side of photo) -

Their diameter is larger than that of a banana plug, and a banana plug can actually plug inside them...
Those are the Linn Banana plugs. Their design is such, that you get more surface contact. They should fit into a standard connection.
I agree with Ecruz
Those are not normal tri-wire cables. They just added the
jumpers off of the positive and negative plugs. Not sure
I've ever seen it done that way.

If the attached bananas, (on the amp side) are too big, just
remove them and use the bare wire or reterminate with
regular banana or spades.

The bananas on the speaker end are different than the amp
end. I think Linn made a few amps that took a different
size plug. Just cut them off.